Sunday, December 30, 2012

From couch to 5k run in six weeks

The realbuzz 5k run training plan

Our beginner 5k training plan has made it possible for thousands of people who have never run before to complete their first 5k race. In six weeks that could be you too! You could experience that huge sense of achievement runners feel when they cross the finishing line. Not to mention making huge improvements to your general fitness.

5k training plan: Don't start quickly

Many people get put off running in the first few weeks because they start off too fast and are trying to run too far. The most important thing when starting to run is to start off very slowly. You need to ease into your running very gradually.  5k Beginner Training Plan has each day mapped out for you so you know exactly how far to run, jog or walk each day.

5k training plan: Don't skip parts of the programme

You may feel tempted to skip ahead in the programme, but you must hold yourself back. Your muscles and bones take longer to adapt to running than your heart and lungs, so even if you feel okay aerobically, if you push it further, you could risk injury.
5k training plan: Find a training plan

For all the information you need about training for and running your first 5k (3.1 miles) race, use our training guides. The 5k Beginner Training Plan has a complete day-by-day plan with a wealth of supportive training information, and the Your First 5k Vital Info is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about running your first 5k race, from what to eat the night before to race etiquette and how much water to drink.

It’s so easy with the training plan, even the most hopeless couch potato cases could be running their first 5k within two months of now, so what are you waiting for

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