Friday, January 18, 2013

4 Key Reasons Why Changing Your Clothes Is Critical For Weight Loss Success

we are going to explain exactly why it is critical to your success.

1. Complacency: One of the major mistakes that dieters make is that they tend to get complacent at exactly the wrong time. Once your clothes fit better, you feel great and everybody begins to comment on how great that you look. As a reward you decide to indulge in your favorite treat. No big deal, you have been so good up to now, right? Unfortunately, an indulgence like this leads to a second, and then to a third, until finally, in a few days, you have undone all the hard work that you have done over the past few weeks. When you have decided that you want to lose weight, it is imperative that you NEVER get complacent. Being thin is a lifestyle, and it is difficult to change your whole life in a few weeks. Change takes time, and just because you lose weight, does not mean that you lose vulnerability.

2. External Cues: Your clothes are one of the most powerful external cues when it comes to preventing weight gain. There is nothing that sounds the warning siren faster or motivates people to act more than when their clothing gets too tight. When you have loose fitting clothes however, you can gain inches without even knowing it! You can’t hide from your clothes like you can with a weighing scale. People tend to listen when there clothes get to tight, and you probably will too.

3. Convenience: If you do not get rid of your larger fitting clothes then you will always have a subconscious excuse for re-gaining weight. Saving these larger clothes makes it far to easy to switch back to them instead of acting to correct any errors. Knowing that you only have one size of clothing adds a powerful incentive to maintain your weight loss. Unless you can go out an buy an entire new wardrobe every time that you gain weight, keeping one size of clothing can be extremely effective for most people.

4. Reward: Buying new clothes can act as a very powerful reward for somebody losing weight. When you do something difficult, like losingweight, it is extremely important that you provide yourself with a reward. This makes it more likely that you will perform that activity again in the future. During weight loss this can be a problem because for a lot of people their reward is eating highly palatable food! To counter-act this you need to replace your food rewards with non-food related rewards. If you enjoy buying new clothes then this may be a very effective strategy for you. For one you are rewarding the act of losing weight with something that you enjoy – buying new clothes. Secondly you are eliminating loose-clothing complacency, implementing a new powerful external cue, and providing yourself with more motivation because you will want to continue to wear the new clothes…what a fantastic strategy!

I hope that by reading this you will realize the power that clothes has on your weight loss and maintenance. I am not saying to buy new clothes every time you lose a pound. Instead I am asking that you be aware of the potential this strategy has for your success. Try it out…you may be surprised with the results!

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