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Best Diet For Weight Loss part 2

Best Diet For Weight Loss part 2

In our first article on the best diet for weight loss, we discussed the importance of creating your own 
diet blueprint. Creating your blueprint is not a quick and easy process. It requires attention, commitment and high priority in your life. Last week, you had one exercise to do, which was to write down everything that you eat. Although it sounds easy, it usually takes most people around 4-5 weeks before they actually get a week where they have written everything down. So if you failed to complete the task last week, don’t worry! That’s normal and you will get another chance this week.  Most people find that success comes as they continue to apply themselves.

So why is it so important to write down everything you eat? There are a number of reasons. First of all, we all have unconscious habits, especially when it comes to eating. This means that you will eat food at various times without even noticing it. Writing down every time that you eat makes you more aware of these occasions. Once you have enough data you will notice when these habits are most likely to occur. The next step is to either eliminate the habit by changing it, or replace the problem habit with a new and better one. But it is essential that you remember habit changing requires mindful diligence to the new behavior. Ritual makes habitual. 

Next, writing down every time you eat will give you a good indication of when you eat the most calories. You will soon recognize when this is. For most people it will be dinner or late at night. Another common time is during the weekend, because you have lost the structure of your Monday to Friday routine. Many people are also surprised to discover that a large portion of their calories come from snacks or nibbles.  Make sure you include every bite or sip you consume in order to have an accurate assessment.

Finally, writing down everything you eat will reveal to you what it is that you actually eat. When asked, most people give a totally different representation of their diet. What is more remarkable is that they actually believe what they are saying, even though it is so far from actual reality. Yes it is true …  our memories, even the strong ones, are often completely inaccurate.  When you write something down it will always be there, and you will not have to rely on your memory for an estimation of your average daily or weekly diet.

There are numerous other reasons that are just as important for writing down everything that you eat. Don’t worry this is not something that you will be doing for the rest of your life, but it is a fundamental step in creating your own blueprint. If you have not yet done so, buy yourself a journal where you can write down all of your information and keep it on one place.

So the exercise of this week is to repeat last weeks exercise. Even if you are a part of the 1% who completed last weeks exercise, doing it again is still extremely beneficial. And when I say write down everything I mean everything, ESPECIALLY snacks!

Week 2:

Write down everything that you eat. Sounds simple right? Actually, writing down everything that you eat is very time consuming and requires attention and awareness. The goal of this exercise is to make you CONSCIOUS of what you currently eat. Most people are unaware of approximately 30-50% of the calories that they consume on a daily basis. Simply becoming aware of your unconscious eating habits and what you eat during the day will have a profound affect on your success in the future.

Best Diet For Weight Loss part 2

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