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Best Diet For Weight Loss part 4

In part 4 of the best diet for weight loss, we are going to continue to the next step of creating your new diet blueprint. At this stage, you should have a good understanding of your current eating behaviors and habits. In Part 3 we discussed that we all have very distinct habits when it comes to eating, and that completely changing your diet is not a good idea because you will always revert to your old eating behaviors. In this series we will discuss what the best habits are to change and how to use neuroplasticity to make that change.

The first important point is that you should only change one habit at a time. The reason for this is simple. Changing your habits requires energy, attention and willpower. If you burden yourself with too much change, your brain is likely to go into a survival response which will lead you to revert to your old habits. In times of danger, your brain will always rely on what it knows best. Change means danger, so you must reduce the threat that change brings by only changing one habit at a time.

So what habit should you change? Of course this is entirely individual. In this stage of the process it is often very valuable to have a coach. A coach can see what you cannot, and can provide you with the best option for change. Alternatively you need to examine your diet and ask yourself, “What is the one habit that I can change that will provide me with the best outcome in terms of a healthy change for weight loss?”

Now read this carefully. If your weak point is that you drink 2 gallons of soda a day, don’t do what most people do and say “No more soda!”. It is imperative that you don’t deprive yourself of the things that you love, or else you are almost guaranteed to binge sooner or later. Instead ask yourself “How can I reduce the amount of soda that I drink and still feel satisfied?”, and then make the change. Maybe you eliminate drinking soda in the car, or replace the soda with water for one meal a day, or maybe you choose a day of the week where you don’t drink any soda. Eventually your new routine will become a habit, and you can continue to reduce your intake of soda until (a) you only drink a moderate amount or (b) you eliminate it altogether.

For most people this process seems too slow and often too hard. These are the people who are continually “on a diet”. It’s easy to loseweight in two weeks. Creating your new diet blueprint takes time, effort, and energy, and most importantly it requires taking small steps. Continue to gradually replace bad habits with good ones, and soon your diet blueprint will not be something you are “on” it will just be simply something that you do.

Week 4:
Examine your current diet blueprint and ask yourself “What is the one habit that I can change that will provide me with the best outcome in terms of a healthy change for weight loss?”. The answer to this will be different for everybody, and is a major reason why simply adapting somebody else’s diet frequently results in failure.
Once that change becomes a habit (i.e you don’t have to think about it), then you can repeat the process. Remember, one habit at a time, and good luck!

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