Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Diet For Weight Loss part 5

Part 5 is the last installation in the best diet for weightloss series. Throughout this series we have learned the importance of creating your own diet blueprint. We also discussed why substituting somebody else’s diet for your own, simply doesn’t work. Finally we outlined some strategies for change, and how you can use neuroplasticity to reshape and reconfigure your diet blueprint.
Despite this process being quite simple, it is certainly not easy. Most weight loss information will have you believe that you can lose allthe weight that you want in 30 days, and that rapid weight loss is the key to success. I wish this were the case, but sadly, it’s not.

Your brain and body are hardwired to GAIN weight, not lose it. Moreover, your brain HATES change and it does so at quite a slow pace. So when you make huge changes in such a short period of time, your brain never really changes and that is why you will always gain back the weight that you have lost. If there is one thing that you must learn here then it is this…You will never change your weight unless you also change your brain. Yes you may have short term change, but you won’t have lasting change.
It really is that simple and yes, that is the “key” to weight loss. In fact neuroplasticity is the key to all change and behavior modification. The “problem” of course is that you won’t lose “7 pounds every 11 days”. The good news is that you will not have to lose weight ever again, whereas in the other example you will be losing 7 pounds in 11 days for the rest of your life!
Week 5:
Rinse, wash and repeat. Now that you know how to change, it is simply a case of continuing the process. Choose one activity that you want to change and that will contribute to your weight loss. Create strategies that ensure that you will make this change and continue until you have made this change into a habit. Once you have a habit in place, you will no longer have to think about it. This will free up some of your brain power to repeat the process. Continue to rewire your brain and your eating blueprint and weight loss will never be an issue for you again.

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